From "Long Hare" Stoneware. 45x30x20cm

Blandine Anderson's ceramic sculptures are individually hand-built in either porcelain or stoneware clay.

The making process starts with simple sketches or models, which are intended as gestural notes or reminders.
These are developed, emphasizing some aspect of the idea.
All of the works are unique and cannot be repeated.
Blandine uses slab and pinch building methods, followed by modeling and carving.

No moulds or other repeat methods are used within the building process – except for some tiny sprigged animals in some of the smaller landscapes.
Stenciled and incised details are added before the first firing.
Colours are applied as slips, glazes, oxides, enamels and lustres.
Works are fired at least three times, the highest temperature being 1230 Centigrade.


"No Stone" Stoneware 35x25x12cm"Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits - Hares, Hares, Hares!" Stoneware 35x25x14cm"Palmate Leaf" Stoneware 36x32x14cm