From "Treading Softly" Oil on Canvas 40x50cm

Blandine's painted works employ both Acrylics and Oil-paint. More recently, she has favoured heavily textured oil paint, built up in thick layers, which is combed, scratched and scumbled - to echo the textural qualities found in her ceramic works.

As in her recent ceramics, these paintings explore Blandine's interest in natural forms and are often initially inspired by seeds and leaves. From this starting point, similar shapes from other sources are assimilated. These may be plants, bones, the bodies of living creatures, a piece of circuitry from an electrical appliance, the contours of a map, or the shape of a field. The shapes become intermingled and abstracted in the sketch-book, so that what begins as a seed may very easily become a bird.

The resulting images are not intended to be illusory – they explore the qualities of paint on the surface of the canvas. They are merely evocative of recognizable shapes or subjects. For this reason they are usually un-framed – painted on deep-edged canvasses, which emphasize their actuality.


"Egret" Oil on deep-edged Canvas. 50x50cm"Undulate" Oil on deep-edged Canvas. 20x20cm