Blandine Anderson

Blandine has established a reputation as an artist intent on pushing creative boundaries and has gained an enthusiastic following for her hugely collectable one-off sculptural works.

“Although my work is dominated by the theme of animals in landscape – the driving forces behind it are composition and proportion. Since I come from a Fine Art background, I lean towards a sculptural approach. My work is an ongoing search for the perfect combination where animal enhances form to the extent where both are balanced and evident in their own right”.


Work for sale

Works for sale currently include a range of paintings, stoneware and porcelain, which will be updated as and when new work becomes available. Please email for details.

By the River - Applecross


Blandine Anderson’s unique ceramic sculptures are a captivating dialogue between fine art, ceramics and sculpture. Each unique work is individually hand-built in either porcelain or stoneware clay.


Blandine’s painted works follow the same themes as her ceramics.
The aim is to draw attention to the beauty of nature, in order to engender curiosity and respect.
The works refer to the wild world and recurrent changes within it, with particular regard to environmental issues.


These pieces were made in collaboration with cabinet maker Terry Sawle and employed a variety of different timbers and techniques, with both collaborators being involved in the design process.