From "Long Hare" Stoneware. 45x30x20cm

Blandine’s making process begins with simple sketches or models which are intended as gestural notes or reminders.

These are developed, emphasising some aspect of the idea.

No moulds or repeat methods are used in the building stages. 

There are no short cuts involved, every millimetre of the surface has been examined, worked and re-worked to produce the effects seen.

Small sprigged details and stamps are used for texture and decoration. 

Porcelain slips are stencilled and painted onto the green-ware.

Oxides and glazes are applied after biscuit firing and fired to 1245 C. 

Small amounts of onglaze enamel and/or metallic lustre are added for the third firing, which further enrich the surfaces.


"No Stone" Stoneware 35x25x12cmno. 2. .LIFE ON LUNDY stoneware. 28CM H X 33CM W copyno 2.5. AS OCEAN BEATS ON STONE copy