From "Treading Softly" Oil on Canvas 40x50cm

The painted works employ both Acrylic and Oil-paint, sometimes with sand added for extra texture. 

The paint is built up in layers – combed and scumbled to echo the textural qualities found in the ceramic works. The canvas is treated roughly – the surface washed and scrubbed with wire-wool and the dried, sandy paint scratched so that sparks fly from the surface!

These works are usually inspired by simple shapes found in nature.   These may be plants, bones, the bodies of living creatures, the contours of a map or the shape of a field. The shapes become intermingled and abstracted in the sketch-book, so that what begins as a landscape may very easily become a bird. The resulting images are not intended to be illusory – they explore the qualities of paint on the surface of the canvas. 


no 3. IN THE CLOUDS CRYING oil and sand on canvas 77 x77 cm BLANDINE ANDERSON copyno 4. ITS ALL ABOUT THE BEACH oil on canvas 76 X 76 CM copy